FlashLube Oil Stabiliser 500ml

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Flashlube Oil Stabiliser (500ml) – a high-performance, anti-wear oil formulation with additives that provide superior protection against engine wear.

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Flashlube Heavy Duty Oil Stabiliser is a high performance, anti-wear oil formulation containing a powerful blend of additives that provide superior protection against engine wear in old & new engines. This latest formulation puts Flashlube at the forefront of the oil additives market, minimising oil breakdown & engine wear. It also improves oil lubricity and is compatible with all engine oils. New Petrol & Diesel engines – Add 20%-25% (up to 1ltr to 4ltrs of oil) Worn Petrol & Diesel engines – Add 25%-30% (up to 1ltr to 3ltrs of oil) We can send only 1 litre by post. So, if you need more please select a courier service for delivery or place multiple orders with 1 litre per order.

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