Refillable Composite Camping Cylinder 24.5 litres/10kg w/MV

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Refillable composite gas bottle fitted with a multi-valve, for storage of LPG propane butane gas with standard inlet – outlet for gas regulators which can be used used for BBQ, camping, cooking, heating at home, on camper-van, caravan, motor-home, boat or for industrial burners and blowtorches.

This camping cylinder comes with a multi-valve, so that the inlet and outlets are attached separately. Unlike the other Composite Camping Cylinder on our site, you will not be required to disconnect the outlet to appliances in order to fill. This makes it more convenient for difficult placements of the cylinder, or more permanent installations.

Height: 583mm

Diameter: 310mm

Weight (empty):5.2kg

E67R Compliant


You will need the followiong filler adapter


Gas bottle filler adapter propane camping bottle removable


Safety features

The automotive-grade multivalve used on bottle meets 67R United Nations regulations.

The safety features are:

  • 80% cut off valve (OPD)- the filling valve prevents overfilling and shuts the inlet when 80% gas level is reached;
  • over pressure relief valve (PRV) – in case of sudden pressure increase (over 27 bar) the excess gas is released to the environment;
  • non-return valve – in case of physical damage of filler hose only the gas accumulated in the hose is released;
  • excess flow valve – in case of physical damage to the bottle, only a small amount escapes

Eurotunnel restrictions

Complete legal information is available here:

Composite cylinders are allowed in Eurotunnel

Additional information

Weight 15 kg