Refillable Composite Camping Cylinder 24.5 litres/10kg

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10kg (24.5 Litres) Refillable Ultra Lightweight Composite Gas Cylinder

Safe filling composite LPG gas bottle with standard Euro outlet

Cylinder can be used used for BBQ, camping, cooking, heating at home, on campervan, caravan, motorhome, boat or for industrial burners and blowtorches.

This cylinder is equipped with automatic OPD valve (Overfill Protection Device) which automatically stops refilling pump when the gas level reaches 80%.


Main advantages of composite cylinder:

  • Safe refuelling propane/butane cylinder for cooking, heating and many more, thanks to overfill protection valve
  • Ultra low weight
  • No rust
  • Explosion proof in fire
  • Easy gas level control, transparent walls
  • Cleaning and painting is not required

Specification of 24,5 Litres safe refill bottle:

  • Gas capacity: Propane – 10,8kg Butane – 12,9kg
  • Water capacity equiv: 24,5 litres
  • Usable capacity (80%): 20 litres
  • Height: 583mm
  • Diameter: 310mm
  • Empty weight: 5,2kg

You will need an LPG filler adapter for the UK and other countries.

To use UK POL please see the adapter listed below

Gas bottle filler adapter propane camping bottle removable

Additional information

Weight 15 kg

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