Campko 30ltr (12kg) Refillable Bottle

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Campko 30ltr (12kg) refillable vapour bottle. This bottle takes 24ltr (12kg) and has an automatic 80% fillstop. Comes with JIC inlet fitting for standard UK hose and Euro type outlet fitting – select additional adaptor for UK type outlet fitting (to use with existing Calor bottle type regulator). Has manual level indicator and shut off tap.

Material Steel
Inspection interval unrestricted
80% filling stop valve included
Safety valve 27 bar pressure relief valve
Tare weight 16,00 Kg
Filling & extraction separate
Full level indicator included
Remote level indicator retrofitting possible
Inlet 1/2″ external thread
Outlet EN15252: G.12 =  W21,8 x 1/14 LH
Gross filling weight 30,00 liters
Net filling weight (80%) 24,00 liters
Height 585 mm
Height (without collar) 570 mm
Diameter 300 mm
Homologation ECE 67 R

Adaptor to connect Calor type regulator

Adapter for propane bottle - European to UK (1-piece)

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Weight 16 kg

Adaptor to connect Calor type regulator

Weight 0.16 kg