4-hole Cylinder Tank (with valves and gas-tight box)

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4-hole cylinder tank (with valves and gas-tight box). 4-hole tanks fill more quickly than single-hole tanks and have a more robust gas-tight box.

Sizes shown are the diameter and length in millimetres, and the gross capacity in litres.
LPG capacity is 80% of the gross capacity.

These tanks are designed to be mounted with the valves at 52° down from the vertical.

If the valves are inside the vehicle you will need vent hoses (sold separately).

You will need either a large flare nut (6mm or 8mm) or a poly pipe to 4-hole outlet fitting for either 6 or 8 mm poly pipe (sold separately).

Level senders for 4-hole tanks are sold separately.

The tanks must be securely mounted, using spreader plates, to withstand 20g in the direction of travel and 8g laterally. A tank frame (sold separately) would make the job easier. Any suspended tank must have at least 3 straps or brackets.

Additional information

Cylinder Diameter mm

200, 230, 244, 270, 300, 315, 360, 400, 450

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