Tomasetto Multivalve for Single-hole, Toroidal Tank 30°

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Tomasetto Multivalve for Single-hole, Toroidal Tank, 30°


Tomasetto Multivalve for a Toroidal tank. This valve mounts at an angle of 30 degrees.


Current regulations require a number of safety features to be designed into a multivalve. These include: a non-return fill valve automatic shut-off at 80% full a pressure relief valve an electrically operated shut-off output valve. Older valves often fail to meet this specification. If your multivalve is not marked E67R-01, you should change it. These valves are designed to be mounted at 30 degrees up from horizontal.


These have the 6mm outlet but we also stock the 8mm outlet. See seperate listing on our products page.

This product does NOT include a level sender – these are sold separately.

You must fit a valve that matches the depth of the tank. Select your tank depth from the drop-down list.

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