Hana Injector H2000/1 (in-pipe) LPG high output 51-60bhp

£22.44 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Hana Injector H2000 (in-pipe) – high-quality, low-noise, fast-opening and provides accurate fuelling.

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These high-quality Hana injectors are low-noise, fast-opening and provide accurate fuelling. They have an impedance of 1.9 ohms, except for the blue AA type which are 1.3 ohms.

Check that your LPG ECU is capable of handling this impedance, before deciding to buy. The King ECU has the injector option “Matrix HD”, which matches these injectors.

Hana injectors are sold individually. Be sure to select the correct number of injectors. Select the size of injector that matches the power output of the engine in bhp per cylinder. These injectors are designed to fit into the injector pipe, rather than a rail. So, you will need a gas manifold (sold separately).

These injectors have the same type of connector as a Japanese petrol injector. So, a short adaptor lead is included with each injector.

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