Single-point, Impco open-loop induction system, 5.25″ carb.

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This type of system is suitable for 5.25″ carburetted engines without a catalytic converter.
The are usually American engines or carburettors. The kit is suitable for larger bodied vehicles with engines over about 6 litres.

The kit comprises:
Reducer/vapouriser (Impco EB or LB)
Changeover switch, wiring loom and level indicator
Petrol shut-off valve
LPG filter and shut-off valve
Mixer (Impco 225, 300 or 425 as appropriate) with adaptors
Water Ts, hose and clips
Vapour hose and clips
Plastic-coated copper pipe and clips
Installation Guide

These are all of the components for the front-end of the installation. To complete the installation you will also need one of our back-end kits.

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