Minimum Level Detector for forklift trucks – the solution to know when your LPG-tank is almost empty.

MLD System

2nd Generation minimum level detector for forklift trucks.


  • More accurate low-level indicator for LPG-powered forklifts
  • Key Advantages:
  • Improves safety and productivity by knowing exactly when the tank is nearly empty
  • Accurately detects near empty cylinder level
  • Prevents waste of replacing a tank before it is truly empty
  • Simply connects to a warning indicator on the dashboard to indicate low level

Order no. MLD

Description: Minimum Level Detector SRG 471-1 for LPG forklift trucks, inlet & outlet ¼” NPT female

The kit includes:

  • MLD incl. 25cm cable with Tyco pin connector
  • Mounting bracket incl. 2 spacers, screws, washers and nuts
  • LED warning light (for dashboard)
  • Extension cable incl. Tyco pin connector (2.5 m)
  • User/fitting instruction, wiring diagram
  • Packed in a single cardboard box
  • with UL+CE approval, patented
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