Installing the Driver for the USB Lead for AEB-manufactured LPG Systems

Download and Install the USB Driver for your Lead.

In the address bar of your internet browser enter the following URL

The following page will be displayed.

Choose the driver to match your lead. If you have bought an AEB001N USB lead from Tinley Tech, the FTDI driver should be the one you need.

Download the driver as described on screen.

Run the downloaded driver installer.

Plug in your USB lead and allow a short time for your system to recognise the new device and prepare the driver.

Once your system has done this, you may connect the lead to the gas ECU.

If you wish to verify that the driver has been correctly installed and that the lead has been recognised, go to the Windows Control Panel (or click Start, Run and enter the command compmgmt.msc /s) and then to Device Manager. Expand the USB Controllers list and you should see an entry for a USB Serial Converter. Expand the Ports (COM and LPT) and you should see an entry for a USB Serial Port (COMx). If either of these is missing or has a warning flag, the correct driver for the lead has not been installed or the lead has not been recognised or there is an internal conflict within Windows that must be resolved. Try unplugging the lead for 5 seconds, then plugging it in again.

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