LPG Training Courses

We are approved to offer LPG training by leading Italian companies Westport, MTM, BRC, Landi Renzo, Romano, Emer, OMVL and Bigas on both their single-point and fully sequential multipoint systems.

Our LPG training course lasts one day and it is based on the LP Gas Association Code of Practice 11 for Autogas Installations. The code sets the minimum standards for the safe installation and use of LPG as a motive fuel for road-going vehicles..

The course includes the theory of Autogas installations and covers:

  • the design safety features
  • the different generations of LPG system
  • selection criteria
  • component location
  • installation
  • commissioning and maintenance

This is followed by a practical exercise in system choice, component selection and installation planning. In the third section, trainees will study installed systems and see how each type is tuned.

The training costs £300 per person (we can offer discounted rates if more than one person is attending from the same company). We normally run one course each month but please contact us for availability.

To arrange a date for your training, please e-mail us at info@tinleytech.co.uk

LPG Training Courses

Approved LPG Installer Status

For those who wish to formalise their status as Autogas installers, we offer an inspection and validation option to allow them to progress to Tinley Tech Approved LPG Installer status. For installers who are already LPGA Approved, our training will allow you to extend your approval to include Westport, MTM, BRC, Landi Renzo, Romano, Emer, OMVL and Bigas equipment.

Most customers complete the one day course, do their first conversion and return it to us for inspection/discussion. This is included in the cost of the course and ensures the conversion and client are at the standard required to offer installation services to the public.

When your converted vehicle has been inspected by us, and we are happy with the quality of the work, we will issue a certificate as an approved installer of our equipment.

To arrange a date for your training, please e-mail us at info@tinleytech.co.uk