Converting to LPG

So, you want to go ahead and convert your engine to LPG…

First you’ll need to know some LPG Basics, such as:

1. What type of system is best for a given engine?

2. Which Conversion Kit is right for my engine?

3. How to choose your LPG tank

Buying your LPG Equipment from Tinley Tech

All of our Autogas equipment is chosen for its effectiveness, reliability and value for money. Most equipment comes from Italy – a country that has been at the forefront of LPG conversion for the last 30 years. Several major brands of equipment are stocked, ensuring a wide range of equipment for all types of vehicles.

Kits come with everything that is needed for the conversion, including a comprehensive fitting guide. Each LPG kit is supplied with a means to set up the system after the installation. This ranges from simple technical information, small handheld testers, to computer software on the most advanced systems (may require the purchase of a lead).

Converting To LPG