Gaslow Camping Cylinder 4.6 litre

£108.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Product Description

This vapour cylinder is designed to replace the usual exchangeable propane bottles used by campers, caravaners and motor-home users. It has the advantage that you can refill it at any LPG filling station.

Other features include: 4.6 litre gas capacity level guage to show how much gas is left automatic fill stop at 80% (required for all LPG containers)

These bottles are E67 R01 certified to comply with the new regulations.

Easily transferred to another vehicle can be fitted with a remote filler.

Capacity (80%): 4.6 litres
Height: 310mm
Diameter: 202mm
Empty Weight: 5.0kg
Outlet Connection: 21.8LH thread

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg