4-hole FT Vapour Tank (with valves and box)

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Product Description

  • 4-hole Full-Toroidal Vapour Tank (with valves and gas-tight box).
  • 4-hole tanks fill more quickly than single-hole tanks and have a more robust gas-tight box.
  • Sizes shown are the diameter and depth in millimetres, and the gross capacity in litres.
  • LPG capacity is 80% of the gross capacity 600x230mm 55ltr or 630x225mm 58ltr.
  • These tanks are designed to be mounted horizontally.
  • If the valves are inside the vehicle you will need vent hoses (sold separately).
  • The vapour outlet is controlled by a tap that has a 1/4″ female BSP thread.
  • Level senders for 4-hole tanks are sold separately.
  • The tanks must be securely mounted. These tanks are bolted through the lugs on the top of the tank.