4-hole Ellipsoidal Tank 600×380 mm 80 litres +V

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4-hole Ellipsoidal Tank 600×380 mm 80 litres with valves.

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4-hole Full-Toroidal Tank (with valves). These tanks are most often fitted to Range Rover or Discovery vehicles where the original petrol tank has been removed. 600 mm diameter and 380 mm deep, and the gross capacity in litres. LPG capacity is 80% of the gross capacity. These tanks are designed to be mounted horizontally. You will need either a large flare nut (6mm or 8mm) or a poly pipe to 4-hole outlet fitting for either 6 or 8 mm poly pipe (sold separately). Level senders for 4-hole tanks are sold separately. The tanks must be securely mounted. These tanks are bolted through the lugs on the top of the tank.

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