How difficult is it to convert to LPG?

Anybody with a good mechanical knowledge should be able to convert a vehicle successfully. The most important things are to follow the guidelines carefully and to be very methodical, especially with the electrical connections.

Normally a conversion will take about two days for the first one. The vehicle will still run on petrol at all times. So, a conversion could be completed at weekends or over a few evenings. Under-mounted and multi-tank installations (such as on 4×4’s) can take a little longer, but are still straight forward. The only special tool that is required is a mini pipe cutter which costs only a few pounds – a good selection of normal mechanics’ tools will also be required.

There is a code of practice covering conversions, and it is essential that each LPG conversion complies with it. The contents of the code are common sense anyway and fitting guidelines are aligned with it. A copy of the code is available to customers from Tinley Tech. Technical information direct from the Italian manufacturers ensures that the correct components are supplied and any queries can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Once the conversion is finished the vehicle should run just as it did on petrol and it is time to start saving money!

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