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LPG Kits

Which type of LPG Conversion Kit should I buy?

“Which type of LPG conversion kit should I buy” is one of the most frequent questions that we are asked. The two main decisions about the kit are the and the size and shape of the tank(s). Here we will concern ourselves with the choice of front-end kit (i.e. the engine-bay components). Multi-point Sequential […]

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Fine-Tuning an AEB-Manufactured LPG System

AEB-manufactured LPG systems include the following brand names – AEB, Bigas, Emer, King, OMVL, Romano, Tartarini, Zavoli and possibly others too. This article assumes that the installation is complete and that you have the correct software on your PC and have made the connection to the LPG ECU, completed the system configuration and run auto-calibration […]

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